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Cam and Ben

Hi friends!

We're Cam and Ben, two best friends who have fun together singing songs, making each other laugh, and figuring out the challenges of the day.
Join us for a great time of messing around and problem solving through jokes and music.
New videos are released every Thursday!
Cam and Ben

Boring Parent Stuff...

Our goal is to create more empathetic, kind, and communicative world, one child at a time.
We give your family tools to discuss issues, introduce challenging concepts, and reenforce the parenting lessons that you're teaching at home.  Sorta like infotainment...or edutainment...or entertainment where ya learn something that isn't a mashup of words?
As for style, we are intentionally keeping things simple.  There are so many fast edits, loud noises, and bright colors flying at us all the time.  We want to be a simpler alternative where the messaging can be clear and provide a moment of calm.

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